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What is a CZT™?

CZT stands for Certified Zentangle Teacher™. It is a designation presented to participants following intensive training with the founders of the Zentangle® method of drawing, Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts. You can learn more about Rick and Maria and how they developed Zentangle drawing at their website.

Zentangle is much more than a drawing style, it is a mindful practice. Used in conjunction with the behavioral, mood and habit-changing methods I teach, Zentangle is a powerful force for re-centering yourself.

Not everyone feels comfortable with sitting meditation, but we know there’s so much research indicating tremendous health benefits from meditation. What if there were a way to meditate that could engage more of your senses, as well as settle your scattered thoughts? That’s what mindful drawing is all about!  It’s wonderful as a daily, stress-relief practice.

Study with another CZT (see website above), or contact me, but don’t deny yourself the simple, pleasant joy of creating. Anyone can do this! You may think, “I don’t need a class to learn how to draw these patterns”, but a class is so much more than the end product of a beautiful drawing. It’s an entire experience, and a CZT is practiced in providing and guiding you through this experience. Instead of deciding ahead of time, consider talking to someone who has taken a class and see how they feel. I won’t be at all surprised to hear they found it thoroughly enjoyable, even transformative.