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Tangle Pattern: Cartoosh

Cartoosh by JayCadian202

I love spirals. And apparently 40,000 years of recorded human mark-making indicate I’m not the only one. The spiral is found in all cultures all over the world. Collective Unconscious, anyone?
…*and* I love shading; I love to watch a pattern “pop”. So when I was scrawling around in my sketchbook and this popped up, I was excited. By the way, Maria refers to hers as a field notebook, but I can’t do that, because hers is in a lovely bound book and looks like an actual, thoughtful creative exploration (see the Mooka video). Mine looks like, well, scrawling and is in an inexpensive spiral-bound sketchbook, so I don’t mind if I have to tear out a few pages.

1. Draw a small oval. I end up shading this as a sort of button on top rather than a tube you would peer down. Your choice.
2. Draw the first, flattened spiral.
3. Connect to the first and draw a second flattened spiral at a different angle.
4. Here’s the magic: draw vertical lines from each long “end” of the spiral, as shown. You can make these straight, but I prefer a bit of an inward curve.
Shade as shown, with my sincere encouragement to play with it and make this your own!

I was so excited to share this pattern that I haven’t even used it in a Zentangle® yet. 🙂

Update: All that said, you *must* go check out “Zenplosion Folds” at Daniele O’Brien’s site! I think she bolsters my observation about a very synchronous type of “collective unconscious”: the one that says, “great minds think alike”! Daniele drew and published her beautiful tangle days before I did, completely independently. In addition, we were supposed to be in the same CZT class but her flight was snow-canceled and she’ll be on the next plane in May.

Daniele is obviously a professional graphic artist; she shows such lyrical, confident lines in all her work. One of the treats of the CZT training is seeing artists from other media jump in with well-developed styles and ready to take Zentangle® in unique directions.

  1. This is such a fabulous design! And great tutorial. I just LOVE spirals… and you have explained it so well. I especially like your tip about the shading. Thank you for your interesting post.

    • Thanks so much, Tricia! I hopped right over to your blog and–wow! So much Zentangle treasure! You have a truly elegant style. I especially like your “Walk the Line” challenge–very Asian feeling and clever composition.

  2. Stunning!!!

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