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Welcome Spring!

Zentangle Inspired Spring
I wanted to explore some fun with colored pencils and a new sketchbook (Académie by Mead) I received for my birthday in March. The paper seemed like it might have just the right tooth for grabbing pencil and indeed that was the case. Another tip for re-juvenating the tooth of a paper that you’ve already applied media to: spray with fixative, let dry thoroughly, then keep drawing. You can repeat this spray/draw several times through the process. Many of the tangles I selected are considered “ribbon” style by the founder of, Linda Farmer, CZT. If you go to the desktop version of the site (not mobile, on your phone), in the left column there is a drop-down box for selecting a tangle by “style”. One grid-style tangle I attempted went in a different direction when I missed a step part way. Oh, well, all part of the Zentangle adventure! If you see a tangle you’d like the name for, leave a comment below and I’ll post that.

I started by tracing some circles directly into the sketchbook, outlined with a neutral (not too dark) pencil:

I used blue, green, black and purple pigma micron pens in a couple of different sizes for the line work:

Shading with colored pencils while waiting for inspiration on how to finish the line work. That’s just an individual part of the creative process. Don’t feel like you “must” or “should” work your drawing in a particular way. Go with the flow as the drawing unfolds.

Starting to fill the lower portion of the paper with tangles.

Complete. Shading can go on and on. At some point, you need to declare it “done”!

Plates Spinning Spring


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