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Mindful Mandalas is LIVE!

MindfulMandalas Front Cover 450xHere’s my first print book, a coloring book. I used CreateSpace and I think (at least, hope…) that the learning curve will be much less steep and long for the next book. You can click on the image, left, to link to the book itself and Look Inside!

Feel free to ask me about using CreateSpace as I did everything myself, including cover design and submission, purchasing the ISBN and Bar Code, creating a copyright page, writing a Preface and formatting interior pages. Consider that those 7 steps break down into multiple steps each and sometimes into a mist-covered quagmire. Just sayin’…

Someone asked me about self-publishing a book and I commented, “keep in mind, the content is about 20% of the process”. We as authors think all about the content and may not consider the many other steps, including getting the word out about your book! When you self-publish it’s all up to you; no publisher to lean on.

Self-publishing suits those who like to have control and not wait on anyone else’s say-so to move forward with their beloved project. Which is not to say that I recommend it to perfectionists. As a Recovering Perfectionist, I had to determine how much absolutely *must* be correct and what, after many iterations, was good enough. There are errors in the book. I like to think that only I will see them, and I’m not inviting you to look, like some Easter egg hunt! I’m just saying that, for a first effort, this is a good book. 

  1. Dear Jane!!
    Congratulations!! You did it and now its live. Wonderful. I am looking forward to it.
    Many Greetings, Anya

    • Thanks so much, Anya! It’s a little scary, putting my name on art I’m sending out into the world. There’s still a little bit of “what if they don’t like me?” hanging around from middle school. However, I know that the *right* people will show up (YOU!), and that’s who I care about anyway.
      Best wishes,

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